How it works


How do we join the scheme, how do we buy does it work? 

Becoming a member

Becoming a member adds you to our community of followers, and does not commit you to purchasing produce. It enables you to purchase a box subscription if you so wish, access volunteer opportunities and find out more about the farm and its produce outlets. It also enables us to send you monthly newsletters about what we are up to. You become a member by clicking the box at the top of the page - the process is simple and requires just an email and password. Becoming a member simply helps us to build a community of support - you can unsubscribe at any point.

Veg box (CSA)

We are offering shares of our weekly harvest to a limited number of members (20 in our first year). The veg boxes are seasonal, come in 3 sizes, and consist of fruits, veg and salads - with flowers as an optional extra. We also provide a stand alone flower box share (10 in our first year). Once you have joined our membership (see above), you can then access our veg box subscription page, see the options available and choose your preference. This is a weekly subscription for 22 weeks, that runs from the last Sunday in June (26th), to the last Sunday in November (27th). We also allow up to 2 weeks of "breaks", in case you go on holiday etc - we just refund your payment (please enquire for more details). The scheme will be extended in our second year.

Buy our produce direct

We are delighted to supply Down to Earth. Llanfyllin's longstanding fruit and veg shop (town square). We deliver fresh every week, and the staff at Down to Earth will be more than happy to point you to our produce. Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We also sell our flowers at Tri Dyffryn, on Llanfyllin's High Street, so pop in and see Will for more details.

The produce and the aim

Our produce is made up of items grown on our small farm (just 1 acre). The produce we grow is done so using chemical free and regenerative principles (organic without the certification).

With the exception of our salad leaf mix, which we have struggled to source a viable alternative, we do not pack in plastic - and our produce is delivered loose, or in card punnets/paper bags. We aim to deliver within 24 hours of picking if at all possible. Our aim is to supplement your shop bought produce with our seasonal produce, so you can ensure a year round supply of local veg, at the time it is grown and harvested. We won't replace the supermarkets, but can dramatically change the way you buy fruits and veg, and hopefully improve the ethics involved in food production, as well as the quality of your food.

Tomato Plant

Where does your produce come from and is it "organic"?

We currently grow all our produce on our small farm in mid Wales - with the exception of potatoes and onions, which we source from an organic British grower. However, we are limited by the seasons and climate, so do not currently provide produce all year round.

All the produce we grow on our own farm is chemical free, grown using regenerative principles, and prioritises soil health. We do not pack our items in plastic (with the exception of the salad leaves, although these can also be loose) and, being locally grown and supplied, we have minimal food miles. We are not currently certified organic and are considering the merits of this accreditation. Our farm encourages biodiversity, soil health and low impact.


Tomato Plant
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How does the delivery/collection system work?

We deliver to postcodes within 10 miles of SY22 5NA (Llanfyllin). Delivery is free. Your produce will come in a biodegradable paper bag (sorry...not a "box"), and we are happy to leave this in a safe place. We deliver every Sunday, between 10am and 4pm, and we aim to pick and pack your produce within 24 hours if possible, and sometimes the morning of delivery. 

How can you compete with supermarket prices for your own produce?

Its tough! We are a very small farm, and grow our produce on just 1 acre. However, we pack a punch. We focus on intensive and regenerative agriculture, which gets the most out of small spaces. We use hand tools, so don't have the expense of mechanisation. Our small scale means we don't need to employ staff, albeit with the odd bit of help, and we use very little packaging and minimal logistics. We also avoid the expense of organic certification, and take the view that you, our customers, hold us to account. However, the most fundamental factor is our direct sales relationship with customers. By bypassing the supermarkets, we avoid the massive margins they demand (usually 70%) and can enjoy 100% of the revenue. Consequently, we are able to offer our produce at a similar price, or sometimes cheaper to the supermarkets organic counterparts. Its still difficult, and we work hard - but this model means it is possible for us to get a fair wage, and for you get ethical, quality, locally sourced produce. Why wouldn't you?


Do I need to get a delivery every week, and does my order need to remain the same?

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership model and the quality of our produce hopes to encourage an ongoing weekly commit to a "regular" order, and our subscriptions are for a 22 week period. However, we appreciate that things change, and if its not working out, you can cancel your subscription with 2 weeks notice.

Can I cancel my membership? 

You can cancel your membership and also your veg box subscription at any time and just need to send us an email and allow us 2 weeks to remove you from our database. Its as simple as that - there is no long term commitment.

Purple Flowers

Who are the other suppliers?

To add some variety to your orders, we will be aiming to grow relationships with regional small scale suppliers for produce such as free range eggs, preserves, honey, biscuits and handmade soaps. Watch this space. 

Who is this scheme for - why should I join?

Our ethos is to be as inclusive as possible, and we try and provide our produce to you at a similar price to the supermarkets organic and sometimes non-organic counterparts - so our appeal is broad.  We won't replace the supermarket, but aim to offer a different, more ethical way of buying certain goods. Moreover, we believe our own grown produce will be fresher and therefore superior to supermarket produce, which is often imported, spending days in transit. Our own grown produce is also likely to last a lot longer, given it is often delivered within hours of being picked. This way, you will receive good value quality food, whilst also sustaining a small, more ethical and local enterprise.