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Fed up of substandard imported garlic?

No Dig Growers

Flowers : Garlic : Courgettes : Tomatoes

At Pili-Pala Farm we specialise in the most joyful crops - garlic, tomatoes, round courgettes, strawberries and flowers. Although most of our produce is sold locally we offer 250 shares in our yearly garlic harvest which we post nationally. We think it's a little bit silly that garlic is often imported from as far afield as China, when we lovingly rear thousands of the best tasting bulbs on our Welsh hillside farm. What's more, all the produce we grow here is done so without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.  

How our garlic CSA works


We grow

We plant, grow, harvest and dry your juicy bulbs on our small regenerative farm in Mid Wales. We harvest our garlic in two yields (June and October) and grow around 5 distinctive varieties.


You invest in a share

We sell "shares" in our harvest. This means you subscribe to a yearly payment of just £23 (includes P&P), and we then send you 9 large garlic bulbs, roughly every 6 months (total 18). Read "how it works"


You enjoy

Our British grown garlic keeps for many months, and you will be able to cook with the most flavoursome, fresh, healthy and plump garlic for most the year. We believe, you will never look back.


Our juicy toms are available from June

In our commercial poly tunnel, we grow half a dozen varieties of tomatoes for our special mixed punnets. These include favourites such as Sungold, Rosella, Sunlemon and Black Opal, to add a mix of colour and flavour to our 300g biodegradable packs.

Available in local outlets.

field of sunflowers and sun .jpg

Cut flowers

We produce cut Sunflowers from August to October

After we harvest the autumn planted garlic, we then plant over 3000 Sunflowers and a range of other annual flowers for cutting. Using several specially bred varieties, in shades of yellow, plum, red and orange, we provide bold, contemporary and beautiful bunches, to bring a ray of sunshine into any home.

Available in local outlets.

Round Courgettes

Colourful balls of flavour, available between July and October

We grow yellow, green and orange varieties of these tasty and versatile courgettes, that are great for stuffing or slicing.

Round yellow courgette or zucchini, on wooden background, close up, healthy food.jpg

We grow our garlic here at Pili-Pala Farm, a market garden "no dig" farm, nestled in the Welsh hills. "Pili-Pala" is Welsh for butterfly, and symbolises our commitment to regeneration and healthy habitats, where wild flowers and ancient woodlands share the land. Our south facing sloping site, enables us to catch the full energy of the sun, and our valley micro-climate accelerates growth and keeps the north winds at bay. We sow, weed and harvest by hand, and use no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides on our crops.


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