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Share of our 2025 garlic harvest (minimum of 18 assorted garlic bulbs)
  • Share of our 2025 garlic harvest (minimum of 18 assorted garlic bulbs)


    This subscription is for a share in our yearly garlic harvest. You will recieve at least 18 of our amazing, and juicy Welsh grown garlic each year, until you cancel your subscription. Our amazing garlic is dispached to your door every July and has a shelf life of around 9 months under the correct storage conditions.


    On our "no-dig" regenerative farm, we grow thousands of bulbs each year - all planted, harvested and packed by hand. Each year, we grow both "soft neck" and "hard neck" types, and typically focus on: 


    • Rhapsody Wight
    • Mersley Wight
    • Kingsland wight
    • Rose Wight
    • Picardy Wight


    We try to include at least two or three varieties in your box, but this is very much dependant on harvesting schedules and stock - and the sizes often vary depending on the variety and conditions, but are almost always bigger than the supermarket varieties. Your order will include an information card, that just tells you a little more about us, the varieties and useful links.


    The bulbs


    This is a natural product, and our bulbs are not always uniform and intact. Sometimes, our larger bulbs split a little, as they burst from their protective "paper" layers. This does not affect them, in terms of their culinary use. You may also have some light soil debris in the roots, as we harvest straight from the ground, and immediately hang to "air" dry in early summer. We don't wash, and indeed try not to interfere with the bulbs as much as possible.




    Your Garlic can be stored in your cardboard delivery box. Try to keep these in a dark cool place (around 16 degrees celsius is ideal), and they can store up to 9 months in optimum conditions, giving almost a year round supply.


    Eating and cooking


    Garlic is used in a wide range of dishes, throughout the world. From being roasted whole with vegetables, blended in soups, used in Asian sauces, chopped into italian pasta's, added to lamb, or simply pickled. The list is endless, and serious cooks consume an awful lot. For a regular cook, 18 bulbs will probably provide around 9 months worth of product. Each bulb contains around 10 - 18 individual cloves. Note: many of our varieties grow larger (sometimes twice as large) than you would typically expect from a supermarket.




    We ship to the UK, and delivery costs are included in the share price.


    Our profit and pricing


    Once postage, packaging and labeling are taken into account, we aim to make just under £1 from each garlic bulb we sell. This is a "gross" figure, and further deductions are then inavitable, in respect of taxes, equipment, labour, compost, energy etc....however, we feel it is important to be clear on our overall "up front" pricing.




    Price Options
    Subscription option
    Yearly subscription (rolling)
    £21.00every 12 months until canceled
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